Saturday, January 20, 2007

Which political party best represents America?

Now that Hillary Clinton has announced her run for the White House, let's take a look at the declared, really thinking hard about it, and kinda-possibly-sorta presidential candidates from both parties.

More than 50% of the population are female and approximately 30% of the population are people of color. With that in mind, which side is more representative of all Americans?


Julie said...

Right now, I am just wanting to vote for the HOTTEST ones :) And they seem to me to be the best candidates as well, tee hee.
Found you from that sweetheart Newscoma. Isn't she the bees knees?
Your blog is wondersome!

newscoma said...

I'm for the Dems, of course, but I need to know more about policy than fundraising abilities before I get clearly behind a candidate.

BAC said...

Julie, thanks! I'm looking forward to this -- I think! Two years out is a long time to listen to campaign rhetoric!