Sunday, February 25, 2007

Friends and First Freedom First

How delightful it is to be able to mix work and play ... something I've had the pleasure of doing since 1990, when I became a full time activist.

One of the best things about being an activist is thinking that you might, in some small way, leave this world a little better than it was when you came into it. It's also a great way to channel your energy when you think our leaders are taking this country in the wrong direction.

My mantra has always been: Don't agonize, organize!

The BEST part about being an activist, however, is the people you meet along the way and the friendships you make. Two new friends are Blue Gal and Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors, and I'd like to give a shout out about the support they have given to the work I do for my day job.

Blue Gal is a great mentor and advocate for separation of church and state. Her posts promoting our First Freedom First project to safeguard separation of church and state have sent close to 25,000 people to the First Freedom First web site.

It was through Blue Gal that I found Mock, Paper, Scissors. I had the pleasure of meeting Tengrain on Friday, and anyone listening to our conversations might have thought we'd known each other for years ... it was that comfortable. Tengrain covered an event First Freedom First held in San Jose.

If you haven't yet visited the First Freedom First web site and signed the petition, please do. And if you are posting about the project, please let me know!


Blue Gal said...

I can't wait to meet both of you.

It's such an honor to be of help to FFF. I simply can't imagine a better domestic issue organization.

And I thought Tengrain's post was just wonderful.

Blue Gal said...

By the way, one of the reasons Blue Gal, the blog, has been so successful in terms of numbers to FFF, has to do with Mike at Crooks and Liars. He linked a couple times to the FFF series and that brought lots of attention. Love that Mike. Love him.

Tengrain said...

we got linked to Crooks and Liars on the Hot Buttons post. I hope enough people follow the links to FFF from there.

Blue Gal: Thank you, from the bottom of my lefty heart.



BAC said...

This is great news, and yes, I can't wait to meet you, too, Blue Gal!