Monday, April 16, 2007

Men and their rage

We have yet another apparent example of male privilege gone mad. A young man who is upset enters a dorm at Virginia Tech, where a possible girlfriend lives, and starts shooting. He kills a woman and a man and then moves to another point on campus and continues the violence before finally killing himself.

Please don't take my next comment the wrong way. I'm not advocating suicide ... but if these guys are that full of rage, and intend to kill themselves anyway ... why don't they just point the gun at themselves first, and save everyone else the heartache.

The Washington Post reports 33 dead and at least 30 injured. My heart breaks for ALL the families.

The shootings, which included both students and staff members, took place at West Ambler Johnston, a dormitory, and Norris Hall, which houses the College of Engineering, at opposite ends of the sprawling campus. Authorities said the first shooting was reported shortly after 7 a.m. at the dorm and the second about two hours later at Norris Hall.
At some point society needs to address how to stop this senseless violence.


The Alpha said...

"At some point society needs to address how to stop this senseless violence."

Tougher gun control laws come to mind...

BAC said...

Yes, and clearly mental health care.