Monday, April 02, 2007

Rove and the Secret Email Account

Karl Rove is so intimately involved in everything Bush ... Bush & Co. are so corrupt ... Rove is so slimy it's hard to imagine how he's been able to escape prosecution. He's managed to take the Teflon tag away from Ronald Reagan!

Here is a summary provided by Lambert at

Rove wanted to put all White House electronic communication beyond the rule of law. So he privatized it. End of story. And if we can get our hands on it, the whole secret history of the administration will be ours. What we're after is the details on how the privatization was done -- the vendors and the technical detail.

And it's very very interesting that Rove is PERSONALLY involved.
For the latest Rove escapade, follow the yellow brick link!


'Coma said...

I wonder if the famous Rove Duck, Run and Deny philisophy will work for him hear being that he's holding the proverbial cookie jar?

BAC said...

One can only it doesn't!