Sunday, May 06, 2007

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from The Carpetbagger Report

Conservatives, campaigns, and creationism … oh my

In what has turned out to be the most memorable moment of Thursday’s Republican presidential debate — “Is there anybody on the stage that does not believe in evolution?” — an interesting discussion has emerged about the right, science, and modernity.

This Week in God

First up from The God Machine this week is a recognition of an annual “holiday,” established about a half-century ago, called the National Day of Prayer. It’s basically an official, symbolic slap in the face to church-state separation — every year, the president issues a proclamation promoting the value of prayer and encouraging Americans to honor the day. Like most presidential proclamations, this is generally ignored.

from Tennessee Guerilla Women

Bush at 28% - Republicans Vanishing Like Honey Bees

Not only has Bush's job approval fallen to a miserable 28 percent, nearly two out of three Americans view the Commander Guy as "stubborn and unwilling to admit his mistakes."

from Wonkette

too much too soon dept.

Florida Still Ruining Democracy For the Rest of Us

The Florida legislature voted to move their Presidential primary elections up to January 29, throwing the nomination process into even more chaos. If Ohio tries this shit, the 600 people running for President will probably replace their canvassing staffs with teams of expertly trained CIA assassins.

from Crooks and Liars

Republican Law and Disorder

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