Friday, May 04, 2007

Commander Guy

Eugene Robinson has an excellent op-ed in the Washington Post on Bush. He begins by asking the most obvious question:
Is George W. Bush even trying to make sense anymore?
At a recent appearance, Bush gave himself yet another nickname. He asked rhetorically whether "the Congress or the commanders" should decide how many U.S. troops are needed in Iraq. He then added:
"And as you know," he went on, "my position is clear -- I'm the Commander Guy."
Which then leads to the next obvious question:

If he's now the Commander Guy, does that mean I have to stop calling him The Decider? Or does he spend some days deciding and other days commanding?

Everyone really should read the entire op-ed to get a sense of just how unhinged the Commander Guy really is. Sort of a flash back to Nixon talking to the paintings on the White House walls.

At a high school in Ohio, Bush shared a story about how a rug was selected for the Oval Office. He delegated the task to wife Laura, with the caveat that:

"I want it to say something -- the president has got to be a strategic thinker and I said to her, make sure the rug says 'optimistic person comes to work.' Because you can't make decisions unless you're optimistic that the decisions you make will lead to a better tomorrow." The result, he said, is "this fantastic rug that looks like the sun. And it just sets the tone for the Oval Office."

While discussing the situation in Iraq, Bush told the Tipp City audience that "I happen to think there will be an additional dividend when we succeed -- remember the rug?"

Does that make the rug an Assistant Decider?

With an ever-changing reason for going to war and for sending additional troops it seems time for Congress to step up to the plate and take control of this situation. Republicans need to find the will to over ride any presidential veto that would prevent a funding bill from including a time table for withdrawal from Iraq.

After all, it's want the people asked them to do last November.

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