Sunday, May 27, 2007

Indy 500 Update

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Rain delayed the Indy 500 today. Crews are drying the track, and hopefully the drivers will be racing soon. Two of the three women are still in the race. Danica Patrick is in third place, Sarah Fisher is in 25th, and unfortunately Milka Duno is out of the race. Her car hit the wall, but she's fine.

Danica still has a chance to win if officials can get the race going again. She had moved up a number of spots just as the rain began to fall. Two of her team mates are currently in first and second place. Tony Kanaan slid into first before the rain started, just ahead of Marco Andretti.

All three will certainly be trying to win, but during the break Danica mentioned that she could relax a bit knowing her team mates were ahead of her. There is an understanding among teams that each driver will do all they can to win, but they will not engage in any dirty tricks to keep another member of their team from taking the checkered flag.

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