Friday, June 01, 2007

Is Carl Bernstein a Sexist?

That is the question being asked by By Jeralyn at TalkLeft. Bernstein's new book "A Woman in Charge," about Sen. Hillary Clinton, would certainly lead one to believe so. Jeralyn provides a few quotes from the book to allow readers to decide:

“‘She’s not a heavy-duty intellectual. He’s much brighter than she is. She’s bright, but she’s not very bright…” (p. 275).

“Her ankles were thick.” (p. 32)

“‘At first, she didn’t wear stockings….Her hair was friend into an Orphan Annie perm….There wasn’t one…feminine thing about her.’” (p. 130)


“Hillary’s weight was a regular topic of conversation, spurred by her inability to shed the few pounds that would have made her more attractive.” (p.130)

“Many colleagues of the Clintons had concluded that Hillary was not as intrinsically bright as her husband.” (p. 274)

“[S]he was rarely, if ever, deferential. It had never been her style nor would it ever be.” (p. 130).
And what makes Bernstein think he's an expert on relationships? He had an affair with British politician Margaret Jay while married to second wife Nora Ephron (Carol Honsa was Bernstein's first wife). His infidelity was portrayed in Ephron's book Heartburn.

I agree with Jeralyn's comment: "This is a book we're supposed to take seriously? Give me a break."

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