Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I know it's early, but ...

I've got a lot on my plate between now and Friday, which is why I wanted to post tonight that I'm going to be attending the BlogHer conference in Chicago this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope that if anyone reading this is planning to be there as well you'll look for me. I'll be the one with "Yikes" on my name tag! (That was for you, Blue Gal.)

There are a couple of reasons I wanted to attend. In my own small way, I do feel connected to the blogosphere, and would like to meet other women bloggers. And also, there are issues I care passionately about -- like the separation of church and state -- that I want to connect with other bloggers about.

As some of you know, my day job is as an activist. I love what I do and plan to keep doing it until I'm too old to do it any longer -- which could be 70, 80 or so in my field! I feel so privileged to get to do this work.

When Karen, from Beautiful Day Rule, was in DC last week I shared with her that one of the best things about living in the DC area -- and being a full time activist -- is that when your leaders do something really stupid, you can go to their place of business and complain! I've protested in front of the White House, Congress, various department buildings, and even the Supreme Court. When you live here, you get to do that ... and it's great!

I want to connect with other bloggers who are working for change. Our government is certainly in need of it, and people are not getting good information from mainstream media. Thank goodness for the blogosphere!

I'm sure I will be posting about other things before I leave, but I didn't want to forget to send a shout out to anyone who might want to try and connect to say hello.

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