Monday, July 30, 2007

Who values women voters?

One final comment regarding BlogHer. It's really telling that only two campaigns decided to send representatives to the conference -- the Clinton and Edwards campaigns. Where was Obama, Kucinich, Richardson, Dodd, or Biden -- or for that matter, Giuliani, Romney, McCain, or any of the other Republican candidates?

It is truly a mistake to snub women, and particularly a mistake to snub women who BLOG!

Here are some facts that the candidates might want to keep in mind:

Women’s Voting Facts:

• Women vote in higher numbers than men, and have done so in every election since 1964. In 2000, 7.8 million more women voted than men did. Because of unprecedented voter registration efforts, women may vote in even larger numbers in 2004.

• Women have voted at higher rates than men since 1980. In 2000, 56.2% of registered women voters went to the polls, compared to 53.1% of men voters.

• More women register to vote than men. Some 68.7 million women were registered to vote in 2000 compared to 59.4 million men. Initial reports show the trend will continue in 2004.
Hat's off to the Hillary Clinton and John Edwards campaigns for recognizing the importance and value of reaching out to women voters. And to the rest of the candidates on both sides -- it's your loss!


Veronica said...

Sorry I missed saying good bye on Saturday! Great photos btw.

It's always great seeing you and spending time with ya.

BAC said...

It was great seeing you, too. I looked for you to say good-bye, but Jen said you had left to meet the husfriend. Hopefully we can catch up this weekend, when I'm back in the Windy City. About the pics, I particularly like the one of the three wonderful women!