Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The final word on Sen. Craig

Well, maybe the final word ... unless something else as funny as this surfaces. From Jesus' General we get the following message:

Larry Craig wants to punish nasty, bad, naughty boys

For the rest of the story, visit Jesus' General.

UPDATE: NBC News4 in DC is reporting that a DC man has come forward claiming that he had sex with the Senator in a men's room in Union Station. The report also aired tape of a younger Craig talking about a 1982 charge that he was involved in a gay sex scandal with Congressional Pages. Yikes! Senator Craig says he's not gay, but it sure looks like his boyfriend is!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so if MSNBC had played the clip of Craig cooing naughty, dirty boy.....I would have peed my pants. Like Ted Nugent!

BAC said...

It is a hoot, sad, but a hoot!