Wednesday, August 29, 2007

General Discontent

Wyoming is moving its GOP primary to January 5. Florida moved their Democratic primary to January 29. For Iowa and New Hampshire to retain their traditional "first in the nation" status, will they need to move their respective caucus and primary voting to December 2007!

Since everyone is SO unhappy -- and clearly ready for a new administration -- why not just end our collective misery and move the general election to THIS November?

Why should we care about a little thing like the Constitution, or Bill of Rights -- the current administration clearly doesn't.

Presidential campaigning has been underway for months now. We've already seen as many televised presidential debates as are generally held during a more "traditional" election cycle. You remember the tradition, don't you ... the one where presidential candidates don't even START campaigning until Labor Day!

August is supposed to be a quite time, Congress is in recess, the president is on vacation (again) and families are enjoying that last bit of vacation time before packing the kids off to school. But noooooooooooooooo ... not this August.

Rove and Gonzo jumped ship, and Larry Craig's political career seems to be in the toilet.

And you know it's bad when Republicans are turning on (and not in the fun way) Republicans. Can Armageddon be far behind?

You've all seen the bumper stickers ... let's end this madness now!


FranIAm said...

BAC, as you would say YIKES!

I think you are onto something here sister.

Let's just get rid of the losers and get things back on a trail of healing and peace.

Coffee Messiah said...

Well, I'm with you, but, ol' gw was voted in not once, but twice (?) and with that, looks like anything can happen. The worse of the worst and who would have thought after all this countries been through leading up to this point in time? ; (

ps: rare to see anything like that sticker here in indy-anna. ; (

Dr. Zaius said...

Don't tempt fate, it could get worse. (If that's even possible.)

BAC said...

FranIAm -- healing and peace would be a GREAT thing!

Coffee Messiah -- why didn't I know you are in Indiana? I'm from Indiana, and still have family there. We should plan to meet the next time I come home for a visit.

Dr. Zaius -- I hear you friend, but I have hope that the country is so disgusted at the moment that a choice today simply COULDN'T be worse ... when you consider that ANY Dem is better than any Republican running.