Monday, August 20, 2007

Hey, 35%ers ... go get 'em

There is a small, but growing band of 35 %ers who unabashedly support Dennis Kucinich. They have not managed to bring me over to their side, but I must say that following Sunday's "debate" I certainly do hope they take George Stephanopoulos to task.

During the hour and a half debate, George managed to call on Dennis maybe twice -- and usually only when he was asking for the opinion of all the candidates on a particular topic.

The shut out was so clearly obvious that Kucinich used it to get a laugh line.

A viewer asked: "My question is to understand each candidate's view of a personal God. Do they believe that through the power of prayer disasters like Hurricane Katrina or the Minnesota bridge collapse could have been prevented or lessened?" [Note: I have a question as to why this question was even asked, but that's another post.] All the candidates were asked to respond.

When the question got to Kucinich, who was last in line, he said: "George, I've been standing here for the last 45 minutes praying to God that you were going to call on me." [laughter]

Kucinich then looked toward the heavens and smiled. He was the only candidate to actually quote from the Bible in his response, but then he went on to say: "Now the founders meant to have separation of church and state, but they never meant America to be separate from spiritual values."

To put this in perspective, here are how the candidates currently stack up in Iowa:

Obama - 27%
Clinton - 26%
Edwards - 26%
Richardson - 11%
Biden - 2 %
Kucinich - 2%
Dodd - 1%
Gravel - 0%

Candidates with less support (Dodd and Gravel), and similar support (Biden), were tossed a lot more questions -- so the 35%ers need to ask George, "what have you got against Kucinich?"

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