Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Judge tries (again) to take cleaners to the cleaners

The NBC station in Washington reports that Judge Roy Pearson, who lost his $54 million legal battle with Custom Cleaners, has decided to appeal.

The owners of a dry cleaner who were sued for $54 million over a missing pair of pants have raised enough money to pay most of their legal fees, according to a court motion filed Monday.

Jin Nam Chung and Soo Chung, the owners of Custom Cleaners, had sought $82,772 from Roy Pearson to recover the costs of successfully defending themselves from the 2005 lawsuit, which they considered frivolous.

Pearson responded Friday with a motion that said the Chungs failed "to provide factual or legal support for their motion," and that his lawsuit had merit.
The Chungs would simply like to put this matter behind them, but Pearson is determined to make an even bigger ass of himself.

Pearson, a local administrative law judge, had claimed that the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign that once hung in the Chungs' shop was misleading and violated the District of Columbia's consumer protection act. A pair of his pants went missing, but a week later, the store owners said they were found.
What a jerk.


Dr. Zaius said...

I really feel sorry for the pants in this story. They are really the forgotten character in this whole drama. Nobody even knows if they pleats! I blame the MSM media for this oversight.

BAC said...

Yeah ... damn you MSM!!