Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two years today

It's been two years now since the launch of Yikes! The first post was actually a little difficult, because I couldn't settle on what to write. So I decided that less was more:

Aug 22, 2005 -- Time
Politics has been a passion of mine since the Kennedy-Nixon presidential race. Somehow my Republican parents managed to raise a little Democrat. And even though my mother volunteered for the local Republican party, she was very supportive of my interest in politics. So much so that she made a special trip to the local Democratic party headquarters just to get me a "Kennedy for President" campaign button.

Fast forward to 1968, and the night Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. I was at home in Indiana, and I remember watching the speech delivered by Robert Kennedy that night in Indianapolis on the news. He was in the city for a campaign appearance, but when news of the tragedy broke -- against the wishes of his campaign staff -- he went into the predominately Black neighborhood where he was scheduled to speak. He didn't deliver his prepared remarks, choosing instead to speak from the heart -- and it was incredible:

April 25, 2006 -- Is it too late to get the passion back in politics?
It was so frustrating watching Kenneth Lay walk around a free man, while thousands of people were in despair over the loss of their financial security. I had to say something, and this post proved to be my most popular! The Houston Chronicle linked to it, and at a time when I would normally get 10 to 15 hits per day I got almost 400 hits in one day! All I could say was YIKES!:

Mar 22, 2006 -- Why isn't Kenneth Lay in jail?
Writing the next three posts broke my heart. Violence and poverty, when will it end?

June 11, 2006 -- Senate 'hate-speech' gives license for violence
Feb 3, 2007 -- A tragic ending for two Rachel's
Mar 2, 2007 -- 12 year old boy died of a toothache
Regular visitors to Yikes! know that I try to post a Sunday Funnies each week. This was one of my favorites:

April 1, 2007 -- Sunday Funnies
I am in awe of Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors and Dr. Zaius at Zaius Nation for the wonderful snark they post. I only wish I had a fraction of their talent. So I'd like to close with one of my favorite posts, which also happens to be my attempt to emulate them -- here it is:

July 1, 2007 -- Dogs United for Seamus


Karen said...

What a great retrospective! I enjoyed every link...although some of them made me teary-eyed...


BAC said...

Thank you, and me, too. I don't understand how anyone could be complacent about violence or poverty.


Dr. Zaius said...

Congratulations, BAC!

BAC said...



FranIAm said...

BAC- All good things to you! Such a great blog.

I was going to head over here after you left me such a thoughtful comment a little while ago and then I stopped at Dr. Z's first.

So here I am.

Good things ahead.

And no one should ever be complacent about violence or poverty. Ever.

BAC said...



DCup said...

Awesome! I love the look back at previous posts!

Happy Anniversary, BAC.