Thursday, September 27, 2007

Now this sounds like fun

Ever get tired of just watching the debates, and never having a chance to get your opinion in front of the candidates? Well all that is about to change.

MySpace/MTV Presents A Presidential Dialogue with the Candidates.

H/t to georgia10

MySpace has teamed up with MTV to host a series of Presidential Candidate Dialogues which they say are "the first truly interactive" political dialogues. The plan? Well, it goes beyond YouTube questions. Coupling technology with some bold planning, the dialogues will permit users to (1) submit real-time questions to the candidate, and (2) rate a candidate's response to individual questions.

For the first time, users at home or anywhere online are empowered to immediately respond to candidate discourse with a new online polling widget powered by Flextor. Online viewers on or will be able to access a simple ratings meter to indicate their approval or disapproval of a candidate's response as they watch the Dialogue live with instant results displayed on the screen. A "popular vote" function will allow viewers to compare their opinions against those of the entire viewing community. Poll results will be available online live during each event and archived for future viewing.

Options for approval ratings include:

* I agree
* Well argued
* Sincere/authentic
* All of the above

Options for disapproval ratings include:

* I disagree
* Full of bull
* Scripted/canned
* All of the above
Viewers will also be able to submit real-time questions to candidates via MySpace's instant messaging client.

The concept is fascinating. Simply put, it's like live-blogging in the candidate's face. Now that sounds like fun.

John Edwards is the first one up to try the new format, with future forums being scheduled for all major candidates on both sides of the aisle. The event is taking place today at 12:00 ET at the University of New Hampshire campus. The debate will stream live on both MySpaceTV and, and it will also be broadcast on MTV later in the day.

Check it out!


fairlane said...

You think they'd let me ask,

"So, at what age did you decide you wanted to grow up and become a professional criminal?"

BAC said...

Give it a try ...