Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TAKE ACTION: Senate to Vote on Hate Crimes Bill

The Senate is finally going to vote on the Matthew Shepard Act on Thursday (9/27).

Now that Senate action is imminent, anti-LGBT groups are activating their misinformed grassroots base once again.

They've convinced thousands that this bill will muzzle preachers and send pastors to jail for reading certain parts of the Bible. This is simply NOT TRUE. If we don't call right now, critical votes COULD BE LOST to these scare tactics.

Click here to get contact information for you Senators.

For each office, tell the staffer who answers:
"As a constituent, I'd like the Senator to support the Matthew Shepard Act (S. 1105)."

We cannot allow our Senators to be intimidated, misled, or swayed by an extremist minority.

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