Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blog Hotties!

A week or so ago, DCup began posting a list of blog "hotties" ... it's a great lineup, but I think it's time to present the female side of the spectrum. So as you listen to a tribute to them by Brian Setzer (and I particularly like the line "if you can dream, you can change the world) check out the hotties listed below!

Blue Gal -- This blog-hottie -- probably best known for her panties -- is branching out! This Gal has created a community, and is one of the most generous bloggers on the planet!

Cap'n Dyke -- Shiver me timbers, if you haven't yet visited the good Cap'n what are you waiting for? She puts the "naughty" into nautical! And on Monday nights she can always be counted on to pour the grog.

DCup -- A peek at her ... blog ... is all you need to understand why this woman is a blog-hottie! The stories about the spawn and her honey are wonderful reads ... and about that little black dress!

Fran -- This little blog-hottie just returned from her honeymoon! Woo hooooo! Better stop there ...

Jess -- She says she isn't mysterious or exciting, but I beg to differ. This blog-hottie likes to read the naughty bits from the bible to street preachers. Sounds pretty darned exciting to me!

Karen -- And last, but certainly not least, is a blog-hottie who leads by example. She gives us tips on how to save our planet, along with pictures of what we have to lose. She risks arrest to stand up for women's rights, and is one heck of a great mom!

These women are hotties because they are smart, articulate, passionate, funny, and make this a better world simply by their presence.

Add your blog-hottie suggestions in comments!


FranIAm said...

How I end up in the esteemed company of these women is beyond me, all I can say is... Yikes!

And thank you very much. Karen is new to me and I just visited her great blog.

Thanks so much BAC. If you ask me for a blog hottie suggestion, female style, I vote YOU!

Blue Gal said...

Dang FranIAm beat me to it. If BAC ain't a blog hottie ain't nobody a hottie.

I'm honored to be included in this list of amazing, amazing women. And I think your criteria is absolutely spot on.

I would add Shakespeare's Sister, Chicago Dyke from Corrente, and Watertiger from Dependable Renegade to the list.

Blue Gal said...

BTW another blogger has posted a list of over 100 women who blog on politics. Not all of them are hotties though because she included some from the other side of the political spectrum (snark).

Karen said...

Wow. What a nice tribute. I am so touched. I want you at my funeral (no rush, though).

And...I'm a hottie!! Woo hoo!

Good list; I vote for you and...that Tennessee Guerilla Women post on "How much jail time for women who have abortions?" was pretty hot too!

BAC said...

You women rock, and thanks for the other suggestions! We will need to do this again. I enjoy your blogs and hope this will encourage anyone who happens to stop by to pay you a visit.


Capn Dyke said...

Me Very Delightful BAC, Th' Cap'n be nigh well blushin' o'er bein' deigned a 'Blog Hottie' by yer Fine Self (granted this lesbian Pirate Queen put th''H' in 'hot' as it is so termed, but She also be most Humble - somewhere deep inside).

Th'honour is well-received an' very much reciprocated. However, iffin ye want t'hear th'details, it would be most seemly t'just step into Me Cabin where Th' Cap'n could whisper them with delight into yer ears alone...(Aye, Th' Cap'n be a violent tease. It be part o' Me Job Description).

A fine Piratical Kiss for bestowing such an honour upon Me Self an' for includin' Th' Cap'n in such a feisty - albeit lovely, group o'women.

fairlane said...

How about Michelle Malkin?

She's such a wonderful kind person, and I hear she's a great mother.

Excellent choices BAC.

TheCunningRunt said...

Amazing Times Many, woman. From BlueGal, who had the poor judgment (and kind heart) to get me started, to Melissa, who blew my mind, to DCup who slays me on a daily basis and so many more, We The People are Righteously Represented by You, the Blog Hotties of the Left-o-Sphere.

Add SuziRiot to the list, she's like a human comet with a trail of flaming rants.


BAC said...

Bite your tongue, Fairlane ... there will be no M&M's on this list ... well, unless they melt in your mouth! Did I say that out loud?