Saturday, October 06, 2007

Clinton Pledges to Shield Science from Politics

The New York Times reports:

In a stinging critique of Bush administration science policy, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York said yesterday that if she were elected president she would require agency directors to show they were protecting science research from "political pressure” and that she would lift federal limits on stem cell research.
Good for Senator Clinton! If elected, Clinton would reverse the harmful policies of the Bush administration.

The Bush administration's policy with regard to science in general, and stem cells in particular, have been disastrous for the health and well being of US citizens. And, as Clinton notes:

“When science is politicized, it is worse than wrong,” she said in the interview. “It is dangerous — dangerous for our democracy.”

Moreover, she said, “it is holding us back economically,” as other countries move forward in research in areas like stem cells and alternative energy, “creating high-wage jobs.”
The next president must safeguard separation of church and state. We must have confidence that scientific research won't be held hostage to the religious beliefs of one person.


Blue Gal said...

I totally agree with Clinton on this. Make a note of it! lol.

BAC said...

Will do!


Anonymous said...

As Sen. Clinton is more often portrayed by the media and the money as the inevitable Democratic candidate, it's good to know that she is willing to hold her line on this and not pander to the Christian right.