Thursday, December 06, 2007

"The View" on Transgender Children

Barbara Walters did an excellent report earlier this year on 20/20 about transgender children. If ABC ever airs it again, it's a must see!


FranIAm said...

Oh that Sherri chick is on my last nerve.

This is the third time I have seen her in two days.

I had a client who did a M2F change. It was remarkable to see someone emerge who was finally who and free.

John J. said...

I find it interesting that the other hosts were asking what if other kids look at him oddly when a teacher tells him he can't wear a dress. My question would be, wouldn't it breed bigotry and cause that kid to look down on other kids that do wear different clothing? This was how racism was (and still is spread). When will we learn?

Boxer rebel said...

Ok so I am not sure how I am making it through this clip. Sherri is making me really really really really pissed and I want to turn her off. I have a post that will come from this as a early child educator, thank you BAC, you rock. I have huge issues with what Sherri was saying obviously, but I also have issues with what Barbara was saying in this piece as well.

BAC said...

Fran, John and Boxer -- I had real issues with what Sherri was saying, which is why I posted this. I have a couple of thought when I see this. First, kids should be allowed to follow their imagination and display their creativity however they so choose. Who should care if a little boy wants to wear a dress or a little girl wants to play with trucks or be a little jock.

I think Barbara is slightly overreacting, but I think it's based on the exposure she had to transgender youth in the 20/20 program she hosted. It was a very powerful show, and truly demonstrated that being transgender isn't a choice. Some of the parents were great in how they dealt with it, but some weren't. I would hope her motivation in talking with the parents would be to protect the child.


Anonymous said...

Well, that was surprising. Sherri didn't rise to quite her usual level of stupidity.

dguzman said...

Can't view the video (at work) but it's definitely a topic of interest to me. My partner's in human developmt/family studies, so she gets a lot of literature on the subject. Fascinating stuff, and an issue that is finally receiving more attention.