Friday, May 16, 2008

Cyber Bully Indicted

The wheels of justice move very slowly sometimes, but it appears there may finally be justice for Megan Meier. Megan is the 13 year-old girl who killed herself, following a terrible online hoax.

What makes this even more tragic is the hoax was perpetrated by an adult. USA Today reports:
Lori Drew, 49, of O'Fallon, Mo., was indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury on a charge of conspiracy and three counts of a computer crime and accessing protected computers without authorization to obtain information used to inflict emotional distress ... If convicted, Drew could face a maximum penalty of five years in prison on each of the four counts.
The only justice in this case is for Drew to serve time in prison for what I believe was a crime.

"Any adult who uses the Internet or a social gathering website to bully or harass another person, particularly a young teenage girl, needs to realize that their actions can have serious consequences," said U.S. Attorney Thomas O'Brien. [...]

"Whether we characterize this tragic case as 'cyber-bullying,' cyber abuse or illegal computer access, it should serve as a reminder that our children use the Internet for social interaction and that technology has altered the way they conduct their daily activities," said Salvador Hernandez, assistant director in charge of the FBI's Los Angeles office.
I realize the story broke a few days ago, but I felt compelled to add an update to this post. See: Web hoax leads 13 year old girl to kill herself

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