Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DNC Rally May 31: Count Our Votes

Count Every Vote!
DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee

h/t Tennessee Guerilla Women


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I completelay agree all the Michigan and Florida delegates should be included in the nominating process. And since both the remaining candidates agreed to the rules before the primary season began they should split the delegates evenly between them. It's the only fair solution.

Mary Ellen said...

Actually, the agreement had nothing to do with splitting the votes evenly. They agreed not to campaign. Obama did campaign in Fl by running national ads when no other candidate was doing so. Therefore, since he didn't follow the agreement, he should get none of the votes in FL. Why should the people vote if they aren't going to be counted as they voted? That's not a fair solution, it's just a solution that the Obama camp and their supporters want so as to secure his nomination. If thats the only way he could win, by cheating voters out of their votes, he doesn't deserve to be the nominee and represent our party.

Why not just tell the voters that they could vote, but their votes won't count the way they want them, the DNC will decide who THEY want to crown as king of the Democrats.

In MI, Obama took his name off the ballot, and in my opinion, should not receive any of the votes. He did campaign by telling people to vote uncommitted so as to try and make Hillary look bad if she lost to the uncommitted vote. It didn't work out that way. If he insists on the uncommitted votes, they should be split between every candidate that did not keep their name on the ballot. Or, the uncommitted delegates should go to the convention as "uncommitted" and vote their conscience when they get there.

There was no agreement made by the DNC to take their names off the ballot in MI. Obama tried to play the system and lost. That's his problem, and the voters shouldn't give their votes that they cast for Hillary to him.

If you use the analogy of a baseball game, it's like saying that the teams should play nine innings and then at the end of the game, divide up the score. It doesn't matter that one team got all the hits, the baseball league will decide who won the game.

That's just freakin' crazy, unfair, and downright immoral.

I hope this goes to the convention if this is what Obama and the DNC are going to try to ram down our throats.

BAC said...

Again, Dr. Monkey, why are you so intent on disenfranchising voters? Is this part of Obama's "Unity" campaign?

Do you think the majority who voted for Sen. Clinton would think this fair? I doubt it. Why should their "Clinton" votes be given to Obama, simply because your guy couldn't close the deal on his own?


GeekLove said...

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Anonymous said...

* Endorse the candidate that won the popular vote reflecting the will of the people. Senator Clinton has won the popular vote by more than 300,00 votes.

* Endorse the stronger candidate with a more certain win of the General Election. Senator Clinton has the electoral votes to win the General Election and beat McCain.

We the citizen voters wish you to know that we know the the facts, and we wish to remind of the facts:

* Super Delegates and unbound delegates can change which candidate they support every minute, every hour until the convention- we've already seen that. Senator Clinton is still winning delegates, and some are those who have switched back to Senator Clinton. We applaud and will loyally support those superdelegates and delegates as party leaders and those in office whom we are constituents of. We will not support nor will we contribute to or vote for those who go against the will of the people as expressed in the popular vote.

* There are still 970 delegates that are "up for grabs" that can vote any way they choose in Denver.
* 795 super delegates AND an additional 175 non bound voter selected delegates.
* The delegate race is actually essentially tied - less than 60 bound delegates separate the two candidates! Senator Obama only has 1638 bound pledged delegates and Senator Clinton has 1581 bound pledged delegates.

At the convention any delegate bound is only bound on the first ballot/vote and given the above facts, no candidate may emerge the winner on the first ballot.

The real delegate race is essentially tied. It is still very possible for Senator Clinton to win the delegate count in addition to already having won the popular vote by over 300,000 votes! The super delegate and unbound delegate endorsements should reflect the will of the people - the popular vote.
Don't walk away from the winning base! We are most of America! We are most of your constituents. Senator Clinton has won the popular vote. Senator Clinton has the electoral votes to win the general election for our party. She is winning the base we must have. She will win the general election.

Please carefully consider our message of true inclusive principled Democratic Party unity, and endorse Senator Clinton to support the will of the voters, and your constituents. We are all constituents of the Democratic Party.

Tell your friends, neighbors, family! Have a Sock the Vote House Party!!!