Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary Sexism Watch

Shakesville has been keeping watch, and you only need to read 100 posts to catch up! [Note: Links to the other 99 are listed at the end of this one.]

Tennessee Guerilla Women is not ready to make nice.

And digby, at Hullabaloo, has a great post about sexism on display in the media: You can believe us ... or you can believe your lying eyes.

And last, but not ... well, let's just say it's last ...


no_slappz said...

Clinton Campaign in Talks With Obama About VP Slot, CNN Says

By Chris Dolmetsch

May 23 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is in formal talks with Senator Barack Obama's campaign about becoming his vice presidential running mate, CNN reported, without citing anyone specific.

The two Democratic campaigns are talking about ways for Clinton, from New York, to drop her bid for president that may include joining the Illinois senator's ticket, CNN reported. Talks are in a ``very preliminary'' stage and are described as ``difficult,'' the network said.

To contact the reporter on this story: Chris Dolmetsch in New York at

Last Updated: May 23, 2008 08:21 EDT

dguzman said...

Oh gees, Slappy sure does get around....

Anyway, this whole subject makes me more angry than anything else in my entire life. Makes me want to go read Lesbian Nation again and start my commune.

I don't want Hillary to lower herself to be his VP. She could be a more powerful force in the Senate now, after all she's been through. And we might need her there, if Ted Kennedy doesn't get better (please God, if there is a god, help Ted Kennedy get better).

I can tell you this: as much as I dislike Obama, I would NEVER vote for McCain as retaliation. Obama is no bigger a misogynist than any other damned president we've had (except MAYBE Bill Clinton, but that's debatable). I think it's important to call him on it, and to call ALL of these a-holes on it. But I will vote for Obama if he gets the nomination.

BAC said...

dguzman - I will take my lead from Hillary. If she wants to be the VP, I would support her. If she would like to become the dominate force in the Senate, I would support that, too.

Sen. Kennedy has been a strong liberal voice in the Senate for decades. I certainly wish him the best in his fight, but I have watched too many friends and family members lose their battle with cancer to have too much hope.


Mary Ellen said...

This is an excellent post, BAC, one of your bests, IMO. It angers me to no end that our media has been able to get away with this and yet many women who support Obama are ignoring an issue that effects them. I guess when they think that the sexism that Obama, his campaign, and the media are invoking, doesn't include them. Ridiculous. They should be just as outraged. Instead, I look at blogs like, To The Left.

Here are just a few of the comments about Hillary on that site. This isn't unusual either, it's the norm at To The Left...


I have an idea? I’ll gladly buy the bitch a one-way ticket to GITMO. She can fly to Havana through Toronto and then take the bus from there. Seriously, make Hillary go away.

Aunt Peg

The elders of the Democratic party, Gore, Carter, Pelosi, and Reid, could put an end to the Hillary Freak Show in 24 hours.

Yet, they remain on the sidelines, allowing this evil bitch to fly around the country on her broom, harming Obama and harming the party for her amusement.

Dick Small

I care what Hillary feels.
For the right price, of course…..


Is it me, or does Hillary look tired in that picture?


Fury too. Hill needs a shave!

Only one person on that blog defended Hillary regarding these statements. And it wasn't a woman...

Steve Rebooted

And I’m not playing a game. I’m just shocked to see the name-calling and vitriolic words being targeted toward another human being. Whether you like Hillary Clinton or not, is besides the point. If one has to make references of someone being a witch or a dog; then ya kinda lost my respect. It kinda makes me not want to visit this blog anymore.

I also want to point out, it's sad to say that I see many who visit that blog who used to be regular visitors at my blog. Why this seems to be acceptable to them, is beyond me. If I see stuff like this, I no longer comment there, and I would take them off my blogroll. I also have no doubt that if they went to a blog that called Obama the "n" word, they would do the same.

Where were the women who visited that blog when it came time to speak up for their own gender?

This is why we have sexism in America and this is why it has been so acceptable in the Obama campaign.

Sorry, for the long comment...I have very strong feelings about this subject.

BAC said...

Mary Ellen - no problem with the long comment, this is a subject that makes many of us very angry. I have good friends that I disagree with politically, and we are able to discuss our policy reasons for why we prefer one candidate over the other. What has me so angry is the pervasive sexism within the so-called "progressive" blogosphere -- from men and women.

The sad part is that it's so accepted within our culture, that many of the blog owners don't say or do anything about it.

And the sexism coming from MSM is outrageous as well. I understand why some of the women sit there and take it -- if they spoke up they would very likely lose their jobs. That's why it's important for WE THE PEOPLE to speak out!!


Mary Ellen said...

BAC- Many of those who call themselves "progressives" are anything but. It's not "progressive" to call a woman running for president, a bitch. It's also not "progressive" to watch your party disenfranchise over a million voters because it's helpful for your chosen candidate. What I found to be the most disgusting of all this sexism, was (and I may have mentioned it before on this blog) Randi Rhodes and her remarks about Hillary and Gerry Ferraro. That went beyond the pale, and when I saw the so-called "progressive" blogs defending her...or remaining silent, that's when I realized how little I had in common with them. I think the silence is just as bad as those who make the sexist remarks, and those who do nothing to stop this (especially women!) should be ashamed of themselves. I can't tell you how many bloggers that I have lost respect for...bloggers that I thought were a cut above the rest, have gotten down into the gutter with the likes of guys like Rush Limbaugh, who we all know is a sexist pig.

Sue J said...

BAC, Mary Ellen, Just want to jump in and say I agree with you both 100%.

It's been so disheartening to see that sexism/misogyny -- whatever you want to call the public denigration of powerful, intelligent women -- is readily accepted in our society.

It's disgusting. We're a better country than this.

mwb said...

Is it bad that I couldn't make it though the 99 examples? I gave up and watched something less disgusting (roommate's cat throwing up in the hall...)