Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not So Fast ... Sen. Obama

The New York Times is reporting that Sen. Obama has begun a "secret" search for a running mate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't candidates usually wait until they have WON to start this process? There are still three more contests, a rules committee meeting, and the rest of the supredelegates must weigh in before a winner should be announced.

Not so fast, Sen. Obama, you can wait another two weeks before starting this process. To leak news of your "secret" meetings at this point is yet another sign of disrespect for Sen. Clinton and the millions of people who support her.


dguzman said...

Gees, the same effing Slappy comment. Get a life, troll!

BAC, I think you hit the nail on the head with the word "disrespect." I realize it's almost impossible for Clinton to win at this point, but Obama MUST show his worthy opponent the respect she deserves. MUST show her supporters the respect we deserve.

I am hoping his wife takes him to task OFTEN for the "sweetie" remarks and points out his innate sexism.

BAC said...

dguzman - you are correct in saying Slappy needs to get a life. ha


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You're right. He shouldn't be going around looking for a running mate in June because could get asassinated or something. Hillary's words, not mine.

BAC said...

No, Dr. Monkey ... it's your twisted words, not Hillary's. And your candidate showing disrespect for the first viable woman candidate by leaking the "secret search" before the nomination is even decided.

If you and Obama want women to support him SHOULD he become the nominee, then you'd better stop pissing off women.


voter said...

With respect to the pending election -- what choice do women have?

Either they already intend to vote for McCain, or they had dreams of voting for Hillary. Will all the Hillary supporters vote for McCain if Obama pisses them off? Or will they stay home on election day?

BAC said...

There are some really pissed off women voters, who might just stay home. If the two candidates are Obama and McCain, I think it will be a close election, and if even a small percentage decide not to vote it could make the difference in who wins.


voter said...

The US electorate may have some positive thoughts about Obama. But not enough to elect him president.

When the two nominees campaign for the presidency, it will become painfully clear that Obama is the next George McGovern. His appeal is strong among a substantial number of voters. But on election day we will see that America is not willing to elect a novice to the presidency. Obama will lose like it's 1972, and once again, the outcome will stun millions of voters.