Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OBAMA: 'Hold on one second, sweetie.'

Obama once again demonstrating his respect for women, but also why he is not connecting with working class people.

The reporter is doing her job, and it was a fair question to ask. MI auto workers are hurting, and they have a right to know what a candidate intends to do to help turn things around.

h/t Taylor Marsh

UPDATE: Melissa McEwan on the so-called Obama "apology." "I expect someone to acknowledge not just that it's a "bad habit," but that it's demeaning to women. In other words, I expect someone to own up to their actual error, not blow it off as just a bad habit. If you don't specify exactly what it is for what you're apologizing, it's not much of an apology, is it?"


John J. said...

Update to this story, he has personally called this reporter and apologized - both for the "sweetie" comment and for not answering her question. This was a voice mail he left her, and he asked her to contact his team and he would make up for his mistakes.

Doesn't excuse it, but at least he admitted to his mistakes and is willing to work to fix it.

BAC said...

We've all heard THAT one before, John. I wish I had a nickel for every time Obama has said "what I really meant was ..."

I could retire!


CDP said...

I agree that Sen. Obama tends not to always own up to meaning exactly what he said, but I'm prepared to excuse him for this, just because of my own experience...I call my children "sweetie" and more than once while busy or distracted, I've inadvertently addressed coworkers and others (who aren't even that sweet, frankly) as "sweetie". In this case, I think it really is just a bad habit on his part...probably calls his wife and daughters "sweetie" and was just absent-minded for a minute.