Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Obama Pundits Inadvertently Make Case for Clinton

Obama campaign supporter Jamal Simmons said on CNN just now that Obama is doing so poorly in West Virginia because he didn’t campaign in West VA. Basically saying that he didn’t let people get to know him, and when he does the outcome is much different. So why didn’t Obama campaign in West Virginia?

Simmons then went on to say what EVERY Obama supporter said this week when they knew Obama was going to be defeated so handily -- let her stay in the race as long as she wants to.

“It’s this kind of patronizing, ‘oh let the nice lady stay in the race if she wants to’ that’s really not what she’s trying to do,” said Hillary Rosen, a Clinton supporter. “This is the problem Sen. Clinton is facing right now. Her voters are not being spoken to. When you look at exit polls from West Virginia, as income levels go down, Clinton’s support goes up. And I think what her voters are really saying and what Sen. Clinton is really saying is start to talk about the issues I am speaking about that are attracting these voters. I think he can do that, but that is his challenge.”

Obama has a serious problem reaching white working class voters – a group that should flock to Democrats in the fall after seven years of George W. Bush.

National talk radio host Roland Martin probably doesn’t mean to, but he is making the perfect case for why Sen. Clinton should be the Democratic nominee – if the party wants to bring back into the fold working class voters who for far too long now have been voting against their own interests (when they vote Republican). He is saying that Democrats have to be able to speak to those voters. That this is somehow a “party issue” … an “infrastructure problem.”

I would suggest to Mr. Martin that Sen. Clinton IS speaking to those voters and it’s WHY she keeps winning in key states that have lots of working class voters!

Rosen reminded everyone that in a time of economic uncertainty, the idea of “change” or “reform” is not what is paramount on voter’s minds. They want to know how the next president plans to turn the economy around.

The discussion then turned to Hispanic voters, and how Democrats can win this important group away from McCain. Well, once again this is a group Sen. Clinton DOES VERY WELL with. It’s simply amazing to me that these talking heads on CNN don’t seem to even realize they are making a case for why Sen. Clinton should be the Democratic nominee.

It will be interesting to see what Sen. Clinton has to say tonight.

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