Saturday, May 24, 2008

Strong Women, Sexist Men

The Women's Media Center and Media Matters created this video to illustrate the problem and send a message to the media: Sexism might sell, but we're not buying it!

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Mary Ellen said...

Excellent video and the background music couldn't have fit the mood better. I was listening to Air America a little while ago while running errands and Ed Schultz was interviewing someone,a woman, (Senator?) from Minnesota. She is a SD and is backing Obama. She was asked if she thought Hillary had to deal with any sexism in this race and she kind of shrugged it off, and said it wasn't all that bad. The reason, according to her, that people are flocking to Obama is because he can unite the country. She then gushed about the large groups of young voters that attend his rally.

So, as usual, the Obama women supporters don't seem to care if there is sexism, as long as it doesn't affect their candidate. She then said that it was ok for Hillary to deal with this because it will make it easier for other women to run in the future?!!!! So, the media gets away with all these sexist remarks, the male candidate running against the woman can make all the sexist remarks he wants, and that means it will be better in the future? What in the hell does she think will make this change in the future when they got away with it in the past?

Honestly, the stupidity of some of these Obama supporters, especially the women who are voting against their own self-interest, is astounding.

I'm just waiting...just waiting to hear one woman Obama supporter whine about women's rights after this election. I swear, I'll knock her right on her ass. The same goes for those in the gay community who are supporting Obama (the guy who wouldn't get his picture taken with the gay mayor in SF), they had better not tell me how Obama is keeping them from having equal rights, or that he is ignoring their needs. I'll pop them right upside the head.

Chris Matthews needs a good slap across the face. I can't stand that asshole.

BAC said...

Mary Ellen - I can certainly identify with your passion. It makes me a bit crazy, too. I'm not sure violence is the answer, but I do share in how frustrating this has been.