Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do These Women Look Angry?

Now that we have presumptive nominees for the two major parties, the media must now decide which one it intends to support -- because as we all know, the media does play favorites.

While he was certainly the favorite during the primary, the luster seems to be coming off Sen. Barack Obama as we head into the general election. And now that a sexist media no longer has Sen. Clinton to kick around, they have turned their focus on Michelle Obama.

Her fist bump becomes a terrorist symbol and her every word becomes representative of what a racist media calls "an angry Black woman."

Cal Thomas says that America only sees "angry Black women" on television.

Jane Hall: If they can’t prove he’s a Muslim, then let’s prove his wife is an angry black woman. I think it’s going to get ugly.

Cal Thomas: And who are the black women you see on the local news at night in cities all over the country. They’re usually angry about something. They’ve had a son who has been shot in a drive-by shooting. They are angry at Bush. So you don’t really have a profile of non-angry black women.
Gee, Cal thinks there isn't a "profile of non-angry black women" on television? I guess he's never seen any of these women -- who are terrific:

Cal ... you were saying?



FranIAm said...

Cal Thomas - there is a voice of reason for you!

As for angry and black - I am angry and not black when I see what passes for ok in this country, things like this.

Of which there would no doubt be some Hillary inspired version if things had gone differently.

We live in a sick, sad land. Deep sigh.

However, we can all keep workign for justice, which you do all the time.

Great post BAC!

Sue J said...

Cal Thomas is such a moron. There are no non-angry black women? He needs to step out of his insulated little world.

Or in other words, stop making stereotypes based on the evening news!

BAC said...

Cal Thomas is an idiot, but his comment was motivation for posting the photos of all these wonderful and beautiful women!


Mary Ellen said...

I looked at the site that FranIAM linked to, and yes...those shirts were deplorable.

I also found the "White Trash" Cindy McCain doll equally as deplorable, and yet...I see that the Obama supporters were very positive about that doll and thought it was funny.

I don't like the idea of racism in this race (which I think is often stirred by Obama himself, as he did in FL recently), but I equally find the hateful stuff being thrown around about Cindy McCain is just as wrong. It seems that an Obama supporter said on that link that she "coveted" that doll, though, and another Obama supporter wondered if it could be a voodoo doll. That's ok? This garbage is being thrown about by all sides.

I just saw an article on Huffpost about Cindy's work in Viet Nam with children who have cleft palates, and the article actually photo-shopped pics of the little children and it was used to slam Cindy. I couldn't believe that they thought that exploiting little children was a good way to go.

That's the garbage we have to look forward to until November.

Why debate policies when it's so much easier to go to personal insults and degrading remarks? Sad, isn't it?

I do agree with you, BAC...I don't see all black women as angry, and there are certainly a lot of lovely black women who deserve more respect than Cal Thomas is giving them. Ugh...can't stand that guy.

mwb said...

I don't see any there, maybe Cal thinks he's got a whole "Sixth Sense" thing going with "I see angry black women.." that no one else can see...