Sunday, June 15, 2008

If it's Sunday ...

NBC veteran Tom Brokaw anchored today's edition of "Meet The Press." Leaving the anchor chair empty, Brokaw and others used the hour to remember Russert. But now NBC has the task of finding a permanent replacement.

Some of the names being floated around include David Gregory, Chris Matthews and "Morning Joe" Scarborough. None of which would be acceptable to me. I swear I'll drive over to Nebraska Ave. in DC (where MTP originates) to lead the protest if NBC picks the misogynist Chris Matthews. And I'd be tempted to do the same if they picked Morning Joe or Gregory.

What we DON'T need is more morning talk from sexist, white men.

How about a little innovation NBC ... how about filling the position with a woman!

Some of the women's names being floated include Andrea Mitchell and Gwen Ifill. I would add Lisa Myers to the list. Going outside the current NBC family, the network could consider Judy Woodruff or even former NBC alumni Katie Couric.

Chuck Todd's name has also been bantered about, and I wouldn't have a huge problem with that, other than we would be getting yet another (white) man.

Michael Calderone, at Politico, reports on the challenge for NBC in finding someone to replace Russert.

So now NBC is faced with the unenviable task of trying to replace someone who — judging from the heartfelt tributes from political and journalistic luminaries — appears irreplaceable. In addition to “Meet the Press” being the highest-rated Sunday public affairs show, Russert could also boast of being the longest-running host for television’s longest-running program.

“I can’t imagine them going outside NBC,” said Andrew Tyndall, an independent television analyst, who added that he considers the network’s news operation the strongest in television.

Tyndall said that if he were NBC News President Steve Capus, a short list for the position would include White House correspondent David Gregory, chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell — both of whom have guest-hosted “Meet the Press” — as well as political director Chuck Todd and “Hardball” host Chris Matthews. Two dark-horse candidates could be “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough or perhaps former “Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw — that is, if he had any interest in returning to such a prominent role.
So who do you think NBC should pick?

What Others have to say:

Who will Replace Russert?

If it's Sunday ...*

*The headline for this post stolen from Steve at The Carpetbagger Report.


Anonymous said...

Since you's my opinionated opinion.

Gregory doesn't have the chops. He's not doing so well moderating his newish MSNBC show. Things get pretty out of control.

Matthews is too loud and out of control. It would be like watching my son moderate.

Scarborough is a partisan and not a journalist and he's not a great interviewer.

Andrea Mitchell is too much an insider, being married to Greenspan.

Katie Couric is tainted by her stint at CBS. Which is too bad.

Gwen Ifill would be okay. I like her interview style.

Judy Woodruff would be good, too, though I find her less personable than Ms. Ifill.

I like Lisa Myers investigative reporting, but I don't know if I've ever seen her interview anyone.

And Chuck Todd would have to lose the facial hair to be taken seriously and then he'd lose his slot on sexy pundits dot com and that would suck for him.

Okay maybe that last one was a big lie. Maybe. It is the internet. Anything is possible.

Oh, and I hugged MathMan.

BAC said...

Thanks! For the input, and the hug!


John J. said...

List of those I think would be best:
Andrea Mitchell - although she comes across to me as a bit partisan.
Chuck Todd - no real negatives, although he is comparatively newish to the scene.
David Gregory - although along the lines of DCup's comment, I don't think he would have the balls to ask the real questions and push like Russert.

People that would make me stop watching MTP:
Matthews - nuff said.
Scarborough - ditto.
Couric - Her time on The Today Show completely soured me on her.

Dark horse candidates I would love to see:
Ann Curry - She has more than earned her interviewing stripes and has more gravitas than the entire list. But she gets passed up for all the open posts...
Tom Brokaw - Great journalist, I have a lot of respect for him but I don't expect him to want the job.

The others are all maybes, but I wouldn't put much money on them.

Sue J said...

Well, here's a crazy idea: how about they go back to original format of the "Meet the Press" before it became "The Tim Russert Show"? In other words, have several reporters, the way it used to be.

Nan said...

For sure not Couric, Matthews, or Scarbrough. I like Sue's idea -- go back to the original concept of Meet the Press and have a panel.

Robert Rouse said...

I wouldn't worry much about Mitchell, I have a feeling she may be tagged to replace Russert only as the Washjington Bureau Chief. I say Chuck Todd or Ann Curry would be the best choices from NBC's current crop. Who knows, they may bring in a ringer from outside the family.

dguzman said...

John J took my vote: Ann Curry. When is she finally going to get a big post? She deserves a shot at it. The rest -- NO to all of them.