Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keith Olbermann Strikes Again

I wondered who Keith was going to beat up on now that Hillary Clinton is out of the race for the White House. It didn't take him long to find his new target, and no doubt she was selected for making a comment that hit too close to home for Keith 'yes-I'm-sexist' Olbermann.

Keith Olbermann, claiming that he observed a reporter covering the Obama campaign and deemed him to be completely objective, is like the fox standing at the hen house door saying "there were no chickens inside, why would you think there were chickens inside?".

Taylor Marsh writes:
Mr. Olbermann takes it personally that Couric makes an assessment that even Cowan admitted was real. The Boys Club mentality of the MSNBC anchor is nakedly on view every time he talks about Clinton or women in general. What Olbermann doesn't get is that journalism is about being unbiased and undeterred by atmospherics in order to report. Cowan admits being somewhat seduced himself, to his credit, except that means he failed to do his job, even as good as he is. Olbermann can't handle that truth. His anger last night at Couric once again revealed his own biases (and ego), as well as the inability to look at something very important in our media, of which Olbermann is a prime culprit. His venting at Couric says one thing. Me thinks Keith he is no Edward R. Murrow Olbermann doth protest too much. [...]

... Olbermann's review of Couric in "worst person" is beyond insulting. "A little Kool-aidish, but her opinion and she's entitled to it," is his response to any suggestion of sexism during the primary season. The man couldn't be more clueless. Everyone's got their own brand of Kool-Aid. Keith just takes his introveniously.
It's well past time to either show Olbermann the door, or label his program for what it is -- sexism at it's worst.

Olbermann puts the Misogynist in:



mwb said...

Excellent acronym for them. Should be spread around liberally (pun intended.)

Sue J said...

What the hell happened to Keith Olbermann, anyway? Although the phrase has been a little over-used lately, "this is not the Keith Olbermann I used to know."