Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama's Pastor Problem

What is it with clergy and Sen. Obama? A controversy erupts ... it gets press for a few days ... the person in question apologizes ... Obama apologizes ... and then a few weeks later the person who provoked the controversy is BACK IN THE NEWS!

What do these clergy have against Obama?

The latest incident involves Father Michael Pfleger. The Catholic priest who mocked Sen. Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" Pfleger said:

"I was giving a talk about race. And is entitlement one of the things about race that I believe in? Is an unequal playing field one of the things I believe in? Yes, so I don't apologize for being passionate, I don't apologize for being free ... I apologize when my passion or my freeness and my flawness of character get in the way of the content, which is much more important to me — that people hear the message. And when I am in the way of the message then I'm not only apologetic, but I have to change."
Are these guys going to keep popping up through November? If so, it's a good thing Obama decided against public financing because he's going to need all the cash he can get his hands on just to protect himself from some of his "followers."

NOTE to future political candidates ... lose the clergy connection.



Westcoast Walker said...

There are a lot folks with a vested interest in exploiting this type of thing, and when you step back and try to think about it rationally it is hard to fault Obama for the occasional shortcomings of those he associates with.

I suppose that in the age of 24/7 media these type of things fill the insatiable need for ongoing content. Also, perhaps more issues related to race are getting coverage from the MSM now that Obama is a viable option, and can you really blame some folks for being passionate in relation to historical issues of racial inequality?

Thank goodness many of my own random rantings aren't broadcasted online, as with most people I would be expressing many contradictions, filled with those less than stellar moments where I stick my foot in my mouth (which is especially unpleasant when I have been wearing sandals all day in the hot sun)

Like your blog BTW - keep it up!

BAC said...

Westcoast Walker - thanks! I posted this mostly because it seems like just when Obama has put something behind him and is moving on, the "thing" seems to come back! For whatever reason the guy can't seem to get a break when it comes to former religious leaders.