Friday, June 13, 2008

Target Women: Suffrage

h/t to Kate Harding at Shakesville


Dr. Zaius said...

Cool! Maybe I just like the video because it uses the word 'underpants' in the introduction, though. ;o)

Jess Wundrun said...

McCain probably has his own boobies. That's kind of feminine.

BAC said...

Dr. Z - who doesn't like underpants!

Jess - I'm sure he has many!


mwb said...

That's awesome. I've never heard of her, clearly I need to find out more about her.

Bill Stankus said...

After George McGovern got his nomination I remember he attempted speaking to a large gathering of supporters and others at a Democratic gathering. After a few words he was bombarded with shouts and questions regarding every conceivable agenda and cause - "What is your stance on... What about ..." He was simply swamped by frustrated people with their alphabet of causes.

Remember, his principal campaign point was ending the War in Vietnam... a very hot topic. But when he didn't respond to all the other just causes many people simply turned their backs of George and walked away.

Tricky Dick won in a landslide and we've been in Repug sludge ever since.

I supported Hillary and I'll do the same for Obama - anything to not have another Repug in the White House.