Saturday, July 05, 2008

Congratulations to Dara Torres!

Dara Torres makes Olympic history at 41, as the oldest U.S. swimmer to compete. Torres qualified for her fifth Olympics with a win in the 100 meters freestyle at the U.S. trials in Omaha.

"With my age I couldn't see the numbers on the board," said Torres, who won the first of her nine Olympic medals at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles ... They have to start making them bigger, I didn't know I had won at first ... I don't think it's hit me yet that I made my fifth Olympic team but I'm thrilled."
Last Year Torres was an ABC News "Person of the Week" for her amazing comeback:

Congratulations and good luck in Beijing!


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rakeback said...

She has an amazing body and has inspired a lot of women to participate in sports and take interest in fitness that are over 40.