Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dana Milbank: Economic Anxiety Disorder or One Nervous Bushie

The Washington Post:

Think you’re worried about the economy? Phillip Swagel is a wreck.

The assistant Treasury secretary for economic policy, Swagel came out for his monthly economic briefing yesterday, 90 minutes after the Labor Department reported that the country had shed jobs in June for the sixth straight month.

It was a hopeless spin assignment — but Swagel, the administration’s sacrificial lamb for the day, had to try. And so Swagel, bookish and bespectacled, entered the Treasury Department’s briefing room with evident trepidation. He nodded and offered smiles every which way. His heavy breathing, picked up by the microphone, could be heard in the back of the room. Read on
What is there to say other than ... YIKES!

h/t to Logan Murphy at Crooks and Liars


Mary Ellen said...

Wow....that was pathetic, I really feel sorry for the poor guy.

Like you said...YIKES!

Samantha said...

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FranIAm said...

As someone out of work and about to enter her last week of severance, I don't feel so good...

There is nothing out there, it sucks. I have so many resumes out that it is likely you will find one in your own mailbox soon.