Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not ready for prime time news

The Associated Press offers a variety of "news" items that will probably won't make the nightly news. The first one -- and we've all been there -- is of a Milwaukee man who shot his lawn mower for not starting. God knows I've had a vew lawn mowers I would have liked to shoot!

A Milwaukee man was accused of shooting his lawn mower because it wouldn't start. Keith Walendowski, 56, was charged with felony possession of a short-barreled shotgun or rifle and misdemeanor disorderly conduct while armed.

According to the criminal complaint, Walendowski said he was angry because his Lawn Boy wouldn't start Wednesday morning. He told police quote, "I can do that, it's my lawn mower and my yard so I can shoot it if I want."

A woman who lives at Walendowski's house reported the incident. She said he was intoxicated.

Walendowski could face up to an $11,000 fine and six years and three months in prison if convicted.

A call to Walendowski's home went unanswered Friday morning.
Here's one that I wish I'd done!

If you've ever had anything stolen, and I have, how rewarding would it be to actually catch up with the guy an get your stuff back! Read about a New Castle woman who did just that!

New Castle Police say a woman chased down a burglar she caught carrying her property out of her house, and got her stuff back. It happened Tuesday morning in a home on Pennsylvania Avenue in Manor Park.

Police said the woman told the man to drop her property, but he said "no" and rode off on a bike. Police said the woman followed in her car, bumping the bike till the suspect had to drop the stolen stuff to keep his balance.

The woman picked up her things, drove home and called 911. A police dog tracked the suspect's scent to New Jersey Avenue, but lost the scent there.
As someone who is still trying to figure out how to send a text message, this story caught my attention.

After catching one of two people wanted in a series of break-ins, deputies in North Carolina let their fingers do the chasing to catch a second suspect.

Catawba County sheriff's Maj. Coy Reid says that when deputies caught a 16-year-old suspect on Wednesday, they confiscated his cell phone. Soon, a text message arrived asking the teen if he had been caught.

The deputies typed "no" in response. After a few more messages, the sender said he would try to pick up his friend, not knowing he was in custody.

Deputies waited in an area where several break-ins had occurred. They say they arrested the 17-year-old texter after finding him in a car with three other people.

Both teens face several charges, including larceny and breaking and entering.
Hey, maybe you should try dialing next time! ha

And finally, this story touch my heart. It's about a person who really loved his job and was appreciated by the people he worked with. Jeff Hornagold got a very special final delivery.

Jeff Hornagold loved being a UPS driver.

So when the suburban Chicago man died this week of lung cancer, longtime co-worker Michael McGowan agreed to take him on one last delivery.

McGowan transported Hornagold's body from Davenport Family Funeral Home to Saturday's funeral services in his UPS truck.

McGowan says he plans to keep a picture of Hornagold in his truck until he retires so that they can keep riding together.

Hornagold was a UPS driver for 20 years, and his wife Judy Hornagold described him as "just the happiest UPS man alive."

She says the special delivery was the perfect tribute.
May he rest in peace.

And that's the news that's not ready for prime time!


Dean Wormer said...

I work a lot with UPS. I'm surprised they didn't lose the body or damage it in shipping.

Mathman6293 said...

Funny stuff. I get angry at my lawn mower sometimes, too. But I would never shoot it because the gas in it's tank is too expensive.

BAC said...

Now Dean ... ha

Mathman - I hear ya!!