Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rove ignores subpoena, refuses to testify on Hill

Is anyone surprised? From the start Karl Rove & Co. have viewed themselves as above the law. Why should a little thing like rule of law, or upholding the Constitution stop them now?

No one has paid any significant price for the lawless behavior of this administration. Scooter Libby and Alberto Gonzales received the equivalent of a slap on the wrist. Other than Dick Cheney and the president himself, no one is more responsible for what has happened over the past seven and a half years than Karl Rove.

The Associated Press reports:

Former White House adviser Karl Rove defied a congressional subpoena and refused to testify Thursday about allegations of political pressure at the Justice Department, including whether he influenced the prosecution of a former Democratic governor of Alabama.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, chairman of a House subcommittee, ruled with backing from fellow Democrats on the panel that Rove was breaking the law by refusing to cooperate — perhaps the first step toward holding him in contempt of Congress.

The White House has cited executive privilege as a reason he and others who serve or served in the administration should not testify, arguing that internal administration communications are confidential and that Congress cannot compel officials to testify. Rove says he is bound to follow the White House's guidance, although he has offered to answer questions specifically on the Siegelman case — but only with no transcript taken and not under oath. [...]

A decision on whether to pursue contempt charges now goes to the full Judiciary Committee and ultimately to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Would anyone want to bet on the outcome of this? Didn't think so.


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