Sunday, July 20, 2008

Watch Kos Tap Dance

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, interviewed at this year's Netroots Nation, demonstrates how quickly some "progressive" men will cave to protect one of their own. Who would like to bet that if Sen Clinton were the nominee, Kos would be roasting her had she voted the way Sen. Obama did on FISA.

Have the "new media" leaders becoming merely an extension of MSM?


Mary Ellen said...

I had so much hope that the internet would be a place where we could find "unfiltered" news...the progressives were supposed to stave off all that propaganda. But as you show, the progressives of the Democratic party are anything but progressive. They'll never hold Obama accountable because just like the right wingers who won't hold Bush accountable, their egos won't allow it.

These are the same people who railed about Bush and how he is shredding our Constitution. I guess shredding is ok, if their candidate is the one holding the scissors.

What a shameful bunch of robots.

Clyde said...

Gee. I could say something here but I would have to use four letter words. The progressive blogosphere became a joke months ago. It's now all about which blogger can acheive the highest celebrity status and has nothing to do with principles or commitment to ideas.

Comrade Kevin said...

From someone who unintentionally threatened Kos with posts that threatened him, and found myself slandered on the site in the process, loathing is the kindest word I have for him and his minions.

Bootlickers, all of 'em.

BAC said...

Clyde - please feel free to use four letter words. I use them all the time!


Infidel753 said...

Surely the last thing the blogosphere needs is "leaders".