Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why Does John McCain Hate Librarians?


Mary Ellen said...

Freedom of speech? Not in our America! Whatever happened to the chance for peaceful protests? Now, protesters are corralled into a small fenced in area three blocks from these events. In fact, the DNC is going to do the same thing in Denver. They're not any better than the GOP.

What I also find offensive is that big green thing walking around with the two huge balls sticking out of the bottom of his costume. What the hell was that thing?

Nan said...

I think the green thing is a giant pea pod -- there's a glimpse of it where it looks like there are photos of both Bush and McCain on the front, so the message is that they're as alike as two peas in a pod. But, agreed, those two lowest peas dangling there look really, really odd, especially when it's a side view.

mwb said...

Can I be outraged without being outraged about the Democrats doing the same?

I don't think I've met my daily max for hypocrisy yet, so yet I am annoyed by it.

But you know librarians got that "book learning", so you know they is up to something!

FranIAm said...

Completely astounding and disturbing.

Completely - I am silenced and angered beyond imagination.

Dean Wormer said...

Because they're going to be voting for Bob Barr?


I assume it's because he was shushed a few too many times when he was in school.

About 100 years ago.

BAC said...

Mary Ellen - I think Nan has the answer to what the big green thing is.

Nan - are you trying to make me laugh?

MWB - there are a few hours left ... ha

Fran - I know, sister.

Dean - ha ... good one!