Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Woman Left to Die

Shocking video of a woman, literally left to die, calls attention to the dismal state of health care in this country.

The person who posted this online writes:
A 49 year old mental patient at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, was left on the floor to die. This video was edited, by whom, I do not know. I do know that a more complete version of this tape, shows a male security guard walking over to the patient, and simply walking away. Moments later, a male Dr. does the same thing. News reports indicate that the Dr. was fired, and the nurses and security guards were suspended.
Local news coverage below.

From the hospital staff, to the others in the waiting room, this is completely unacceptable.



Nan said...

ABC News did a report on this about two nights ago. Apparently the hospital tried to claim this never happened by producing a medical record that purported to describe the patient doing things like walking to the rest room, asking for a glass of water, etc., at times that the surveillance tape clearly showed her in distress on the floor. So not only did they ignore her as she died, they lied their asses off trying to cover it up.

There have been similar disgraceful episodes in hospitals nationwide. There was a hospital in L.A. that was notorious for taking indigent patients and literally dumping them on the street.

The general lack of outrage over these incidents is just more evidence we have become an incredibly callous, mean-spirited nation, and I don't hold out much hope it's going to get much better in my lifetime.

DCup said...

We're becoming an incredibly isolated and callous culture.

Nan uses the correct word. Disgrace. This is a disgrace.

FranIAm said...

This is an outrage. I am horrified and disturbed.