Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Panetta Owes Pelosi an Apology

Looks like CIA Director Leon Panetta owes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi an apology. The Wall Street Journal reports:
Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon E. Panetta has told lawmakers that CIA officials misled Congress "for a number of years" since 2001, according to a letter released Wednesday from six Democratic lawmakers.

The lawmakers say the CIA also withheld information about unspecified "significant actions."

The letter didn't identify when Mr. Panetta made the statements or to what they referred.

"This is similar to other deceptions of which we are aware from other recent periods, " the letter continued.

CIA spokesman George Little said "it is not the policy or practice of the CIA to mislead Congress." Mr. Little said the CIA itself "took the initiative to notify the oversight committees" about the lapses.

The release of the letter is the latest twist in a tussle between House Democrats and the CIA. Earlier this year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of misleading her in briefings about the agency's use of waterboarding, an allegation refuted by the agency and challenged by Republicans.

It also comes one day before the House is scheduled to debate an intelligence bill. President Barack Obama issued a veto threat on Wednesday over provisions that would require more expansive briefings of intelligence committee members on sensitive matters.
So, about that apology Mr. Panetta??


Liberality said...

Wow! I wouldn't trust the CIA if my life depended upon it. They do owe her an apology!

Dr. Zaius said...

It's about time that Speaker Pelosi was exonerated! I love your Panetta image. Cool!

Tengrain said...

As much as I feel like Pelosi has let us on the left down, I knew, Knew, KNEW she was right on target with this one.

Of course the CIA lied to her, they lied to everyone! It is what they do.

Thanks for posting this, BAC.