Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

It's finally confirmed. I'm not single because there is anything wrong with me! I'm single because for the past 35 years I've been living in the wrong cities!
Valentine’s Day is Sunday, but Cupid plays favorites with where he aims his arrows. The Daily Beast measures America’s 104 largest cities, to find the best, and worst, places to find a mate.

In every major city there are massive amounts of single people out there, says Janis Spindel. But it’s tough to find love. She should know: she makes her living from that fact, running a top matchmaking firm.

Forget the romantic notion of destiny. The clinical way to defy the mate-hunting odds, as Spindel can testify, boils down to one thing: location. location. With Valentine’s Day approaching, The Daily Beast thought it would quantify that part of the love equation, by examining and then ranking the 104 largest American cities, according to which are most conducive to finding, and keeping, a spouse. [...]

These rankings are universal, designed to be neutral in relation to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or age. The only thing that matters is if you’re looking for love. If so, read below to see how your city fared.
Well, a quick look at where I've lived will tell you why I don't have a special Valentine!

My first stop on the relationship wilderness trail was Indianapolis! Indianapolis is ranked 90th -- as determined by the "singles" ratio, the number of places where you might have a "social life," the "emotional health" of people in the city -- I wonder how they determined this! And finally, the marriage ratio and the divorce ratio.

Indianapolis gets a "B" under Singles, a "D" for the Social life, an "F" for Emotional health (geezz!!); a "D" for Marriage, and a "C" for Divorce.

Now I can understand why I was so eager to leave!

I left Indianapolis for Fort Myers, FL, which is such a relationship mecca that it didn't even make the list!!

For the past 20 years I've called the Washington, DC area home. So, how does DC rank? Drum roll please .......... 62!

DC gets a "B" under Singles, a "D" for the Social life, a "C" for Emotional health (really ... that good?), a "B" for Marriage, and a "D" for Divorce.

Well, I have at least dated more since moving to DC, but still no partner.

So where is the best spot in the country to meet someone? Long Beach, CA!

Gee, if I didn't fear falling into the Pacific Ocean someday I might consider moving!


Morgan said...

Indianapolis gets a "B" under Singles, a "D" for the Social life, an "F" for Emotional health (geezz!!); a "D" for Marriage, and a "C" for Divorce.

Yes, and they gave Seattle an A+ for Emotional Health. Right! I lived there for 20 years;9 months of every year without sunshine! Highest suicide rate.

I think their ratings are a little askew. I live single in Indy now. I agree the pool is limited. The whole community seems to be incestuous. I would definitely give it higher ratings in Social Life and Emotional Health though. In Marriage, Indy should have scored a big fat F since not only is Marriage Equality outlawed, the Legislators are attempting to 'define' it to make sure. And since the GLBT community has no rights to be married, that Divorce grade is squarely on the shoulders of the same individuals who think they have to protect it from people like me.

Come on back...see we just missed each other by 20 years...location, location, location.

BAC said...

I guess location IS everything! I do get back once in awhile to visit my family. Thanks for stopping by!


Greenconsciousness said...

You're better off single except for economics That is what really needs changing. Single childless people should be subsidized to the amount that equals the economic advantage of couples. We take up very little of the common resources yet are taxed twice the amount of married couples with no tax credits or refunds. We have to come up with the same amount of down payment to get a home loan as a couple. It goes on See The Baby Boon by Elinor Burkett.

Except for economics you will find, as you age, its a great luxury to make your own decisions and grow to fall in love with yourself.