Friday, September 03, 2010

Just Say (oh) Noooooo

The Washington Post reports: Abstinence program partners Chinese officials with U.S. evangelicals

If all goes according to plan, this fall a girl somewhere in China's Yunnan Province will tell her boyfriend she can't have sex with him. And he'll have an abstinence program from the United States to thank.

In Yunnan schools this year, teachers are being trained with a sex education curriculum created by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. The agreement with the Yunnan ministry of education is a milestone for Focus on the Family, which has struggled for four years to make inroads on abstinence in China.

It is also the result of a narrow confluence of interests: Evangelical Christian groups want an entree into China. And Chinese authorities, despite the country's official atheism, want help with controlling population growth and managing the society's rapidly shifting values.

Chinese society has undergone major changes in recent decades, with divorce rates climbing steadily and migration and modernization putting increasing pressure on families, sociologists say. Wading into those waters, Focus on the Family has tried to market its marriage- and family-oriented programs as solutions. But Communist Party officials have been suspicious, at times, of the group's motivations.

At an early demonstration of the abstinence curriculum two years ago - given to the Communist Youth League of China in Hangzhou - teens were supposed to end the seminar by making a virginity pledge, the hallmark of the Christian group's abstinence program. But government officials quickly stepped in, insisting that the kids pledge to no one but the Communist Party.
China has a population problem, and this will only serve to exacerbate it. With China's one child law, expect to see abortion rates skyrocket.

Something else is likely to skyrocket ... the appearance of this bumper sticker on teen cars: "Focus on your own damn family!"

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Reamus said...

Seeams to me it is a shame that Focus on the Family, a strange name for that crowd,finally got their foot in the door in China, although the Chinese and I have issues, I wish that group on no one.