Friday, September 10, 2010

War at War with PepsiCo?

The AP reports:
Members of the original funk band War say they can't be friends with PepsiCo.

They're suing the soft drink maker for more than $10 million, saying it did not negotiate with them to use their song "Why Can't We Be Friends" in a new commercial.
Here's what the fuss is about:

I think they've got a legitimate beef.
In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles, some of the group's original members and a relative said they learned the 1975 hit was in the ad for Pepsi MAX only when the commercials launched in July.
But PepsiCo fired back.
PepsiCo said in a statement it believes the lawsuit has no merit.

"Pepsi has a long history of partnering with iconic celebrities and musicians and we value our relationship with the music and entertainment industry," the company, based in Purchase, N.Y., said in a statement Thursday.
BUT, did they clear this with the artists? Their attorney Ken Freundlich noted: "Pepsi is selling its billion-dollar brand based on their voices and they have to pay for it." That seems reasonable to me. But while there at it, maybe the group should sue THIS guy, too!

But definitely not these cuties!!

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