Monday, August 01, 2011

What is my incentive to support you, Mr. President?

The 2012 election season is underway, and somehow you seem to think liberals and progressives will simply fall in line behind you.  I can hear the comments from your re-election staff now: “Who else is there to vote for?”

My response will be to stay home. 

Working class Americans are hurting, Mr. President, while you continue to “compromise” our future away.  Forget finding a “good paying” job in this economy, finding ANY job is increasingly harder.

And what good is health care reform, which was not much of a reform to begin with, when it is tied to employment?  No job, no health care.

Medicare and Medicaid coverage is diminishing, schools are underfunded, and our infrastructure is crumbling, while the wealthy among us pay less in taxes than do their secretaries.

Tea Party advocates have their heads so far up their asses that they don’t even realize they are working against their own best interests!  The Madison Avenue “party line” they’ve been fed by wealthy Republican’s is working!  Not for struggling average Americans . . . for the wealthy Republicans!

It’s past time for liberals and progressives to rise up and demand that our concerns be represented.  We need to use the only weapon we have – our vote!

How much longer are YOU willing to be the Democrat’s doormat?

There are a few Democrats willing to stand up for us, and they should be supported.

Those who are not should be replaced – by liberal candidates, with a spine.

It seems reasonable to think that after three years in office the President would realize that trying to “compromise” with Republicans is hopeless.  Doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different response IS pure insanity Mr. President.  And it’s killing us.

This voter has had enough. 

To paraphrase Susan B. Anthony, “no self respecting person should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores them.“


Kelly the little black dog said...

I can see the response will be to frighten liberals with the possibility of a president Bachmann, but I agree with you that I no longer care. It actually worse to have a stealth republican than to have an open one. At this point I plan to focus on the house.

Anonymous said...

Currently the only thing that would keep me voting and voting D is the Supreme Court. I don't know if any positions are at risk but the idea of any of the Rs getting another seat would have disastrous, long term effects.

But mr president, this date is over, I'm looking for someone new.

BAC said...

In order to protect the US Supreme Court we need more liberals in the Senate. We got Justice Harry Blackmun because the Dems in the Senate at the time rejected the two previous Nixon nominees.


tom said...

So when we stay home we get Scott Walker, and a host of other fools, work for house and senate candidates and still vote for Obama, no matter what level of disappointment....

It's just the smart thing to do, remember we were the ones who poured all our liberal beliefs and possibilities into him......he's just a middle of the road dem
But whatever he is ... he is not a teabagger

BAC said...

Tom, I never poured my liberal beliefs and possibilities into Obama. I knew from the start that he wasn't up to the task at hand, and he has proven me right! I will work for Congressional candidates who support the issues I care about. President Obama has a year to win me over, because at this point he needs me more than I need four more years of him.