Friday, October 26, 2007

For 'I was just wondering' Jess

... hope it was good for you.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! You are going to be the next hot YouTuber! I swear!

Love these.

Jess Wundrun said...

When the first three notes of "Go Ask Alice" came up I was snickering. Then I was rotflmaobbqzomg. Then I was sad because I was imagining the amount of time necessary to google all those Laura pictures. What a great deal of time you had to spend in Laura land. I hope you will recover your senses soon.

Anyway. Fabulous, and we didn't even have to wait until the weekend.

Fran said...

BAC you rock my world sister! Jess -thanks for whatever egging on you did for this to happen.

BAC, seriously - you have mad skills with the vid.

I am roaring!! LOVE IT.

Freida Bee said...

This cract me up and then I saw YOU made this. Pure genius. Just the contrast between the awesome song and Laura's lack of awesomeness was great, but the PILLS, THE PILLS!

BAC said...

DCup - It was the Amy Winehouse connection that got me started on all this ... and what fun it's been!

Jess - I did spend some time in Laura land, but I have also been saving (actually stealing) many of the GREAT photos used by Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors.

Fran - I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Keep coming back, grrl.

Freida bee - You got the connection I was trying to make with this, so THANKS!


joshhill1021 said...

This is amazing BAC. I love that song and so that song with those photos were awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am so pimping you over the 'net!



Fran / Blue Gal said...

He certainly is, though I woulda got here eventually...LOVE IT. You're amazing!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet BAC. Maybe Pickles could hire you to do a "Bush Family Video Scrapbook."

How did the band who wrote that song end up writing "We Built This City?"

See what drugs do to a person?

BAC said...

Boxer - Thanks!

Tengrain - Gee, thanks! What can I say?

Blue Gal - Yeah, yeah ... ha

Fairlane - Wow, a new idea! And since the Bush gang is trying to tear down the city, what a great contrast.


L.S./M.F.T said...

Wow fuckin' wow, too!

You have a gift, BAC. I'm glad I took tengrain's advice and had a look.

Anonymous said...

In a word: fabulous.

BAC said...

l.s./m.f.t. and pissed - Thanks, and come back again anytime!