Thursday, October 30, 2008

STOP the War on Women NOW

This election isn't just significant for the fact that we will select the next president. There are serious ballot initiatives in a number of states, and while same-sex marriage has received much of the focus, there are other equally important measures to consider. We must STOP the war against women and girls.

CA - VOTE NO on 4

California may be ground zero on the same sex marriage debate, but CA residents also have an opportunity to vote down a proposition that endangers young girls.

Karen, at Beautiful Day Rule, has some great posts that explain why Prop 4 in California must be defeated:
Vote NO on California's Prop 4

This is how bad it would be if Prop 4 passes

Beethoven says, "Vote No on Prop 4"

CO - VOTE NO on 48

Colorado voters will decide the fate of an amendment that would give a fertilized egg the same rights as a living person. Amendment 48 is designed to not only prevent almost all abortions, but it could even threaten access to some forms of birth control.

SD - VOTE NO on 11

South Dakota voters will consider Measure 11, the most radical abortion ban in the country. SD residents have voted similar measures down in the past, but anti-abortion extremists aren't giving up.

This war on women MUST STOP! If you live in any of these states please VOTE NO on election day! And encourage all your friends and family to do the same.


Sue J said...

BAC -- Can I add vote "No" on Question 2 here in Maryland (slots). I have a post up at my place explaining why it's terrible thing for our state to do it's citizens.

Anonymous said...

Arrrgh! Could these people please fret over things that effect everyone and leave women to make the adult decisions they are perfectly capable of making?????