Wednesday, September 02, 2009

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What is it about August that just seemed to bring out the crazies! Take a look at a few recent posts as we head into September.

'Go Be A Grown Up'
by Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly

"Be a grown-up"? The taxpaying constituent [Rep. Lynn] Jenkins [R-KS] was blithely dismissing works full time and takes care of two young kids. She is a "grown-up." Indeed, tens of millions of Americans are lacking coverage -- some due to pre-existing conditions, some because their insurers dropped them through rescission, some because they can't afford it -- and it's not because they haven't "grown up."

I'm trying to remember the last time I saw a member of Congress take such a condescending attitude towards struggling American families. Nothing comes to mind.

Propoganda FAIL
by Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors

Meet a very dim bulb, GOP Member of Congress from Texas, Pete Olson, who tries to use a gut wrenching story of a private insurance company turning down a heart transplant for a newborn baby to whip up a crowd against the so-called Public Option in the healthcare debate.

Oops. Someone caught on that it was the Private Insurance company that turned it down, and mayhem follows.

Meeting over!

Pastor Of Hate: When Religious Right Rhetoric Goes Too Far
by Rob Boston at The Wall of Separation

Religious Right leaders who claim to be ’mainstream’ cannot constantly engage in over-the-top rhetoric, hate-mongering and fear-mongering and then say they’re not responsible when bands of extremists are whipped by their words into a frenzy.

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