Monday, January 29, 2007

Bush's historic fall

from The Carpetbagger Report -- too good to pass up!

The NYT’s Thomas Friedman
wrote the other day that the State of the Union was almost unnecessary. “[T]he American people basically fired George Bush in the last election,” Friedman said. “We’re now just watching him clean out his desk.”

The latest
Newsweek poll, released [Saturday], suggests Friedman’s analysis is about right.

President George W. Bush concluded his annual State of the Union address this week with the words “the State of our Union is strong … our cause in the world is right … and tonight that cause goes on.” Maybe so, but the state of the Bush administration is at its worst yet, according to the latest NEWSWEEK Poll. The president’s approval ratings are at their lowest point in the poll’s history — 30 percent — and more than half the country (58 percent) say they wish the Bush presidency were simply over, a sentiment that is almost unanimous among Democrats (86 percent), and is shared by a clear majority (59 percent) of independents and even one in five (21 percent) Republicans. Half (49 percent) of all registered voters would rather see a Democrat elected president in 2008, compared to just 28 percent who’d prefer the GOP to remain in the White House. […]

With Bush widely viewed as an ineffectual “lame duck” (by 71 percent of all Americans), over half (53 percent) of the poll’s respondents now say they believe history will see him as a below-average president, up three points from last May…. Overall, 61 percent are unsatisfied with the way things are going in America; just 30 percent are satisfied.
So much for the post-State of the Union “bounce.”


Note: My concern with referring to Bush as a "lame duck" is that he can still send 20,000+ troops into Iraq! We must demand that Congress do everything within its power to stop him.

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