Tuesday, January 30, 2007

City employee denies woman EC for religious reasons

A young Florida woman leaving a festival in Tampa was pulled behind a building and raped. This is a scenario that happens far too often, but what caught my attention is that instead of providing the compassionate care someone who has survived a violent crime deserves, the woman was jailed.

The police claim the young woman failed to make restitution for an outstanding warrant. The young girl thought the matter had been resolved.

The Tampa Tribune

Police are reviewing their policies after the arrest, which one victim's advocate said could have "a chilling effect" on the rape investigation, the woman's well-being and the desire of future victims to contact police.

The woman's family is outraged.

Are you outraged yet? If not ... read on.

Irate that her daughter was thrown in jail, instead of treated with even a modicum of compassion the mother was further outraged
. . . that a jail nurse prevented her daughter from taking a second dose of emergency contraception prescribed by a nurse at a clinic as part of a rape examination. The jail nurse, said the mother and the victim's attorney, denied the medication for religious reasons.
The least that should happen is that the nurse should be fired. In my opinion the police department owes this young woman damages for the way she was treated. If you agree, contact the Chief of Police at:

Chief of Police Stephen Hogue
Tampa Police Department
One Police Center
411 N. Franklin Street
Tampa, Florida 33602
Main Number 813-276-3318

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