Thursday, February 08, 2007

Republicans plane wrong about Speaker Pelosi

Never mind that under Republican control Congress and the White House have lost more than $8 Billion of our taxpayer dollars. That's not the big issue on Republican minds these days ... the more important issue is whether or not Speaker Pelosi should have access to a plane that will take her non-stop across country.

Following 9/11, it was decided that the second in line to the President, the Speaker of the House, should travel by military plane for added security during trips back home. For Dennis Hastert, that meant a quick trip to Chicago -- but for the new speaker the trip is to the other coast.

Republicans decided to make a sink about something Speaker Pelosi didn't even do ... request a bigger plane. What makes this non-story even worse, is that media outlets are simply reporting the Republican spin, and not taking the time to find out the real story.

In an amazing turn of events, even the White House thinks this is a "silly story."

White House spokeman Tony Snow took a different tact, telling reporters Thursday morning, "This is a silly story, and I think it's been unfair to the speaker."
I'd like to suggest to the Republicans that a much better use of their time would be to find the missing $8 billion dollars. And to the press, why don't you look into the missing $8 billion dollars as well! That seems like a much better use of your time than blindly reporting a non-story about Speaker Pelosi.

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